Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Thanks to a recent sick day, I have a new hobby - BabyLoo!  I've been sewing and dying onesies for a few weeks now and decided to open up a little shop on etsy.com.  Perhaps you even noticed the link to my BabyLoo Etsy shop that appeared on my side bar recently.  If so, you probably also noticed that it is now gone.  Well, I anticipate that it will be back soon...  Etsy mistakenly deactivated my BabyLoo account so while I'm waiting to get it fixed, I will share with you some of the adorable pictures my talented sister Kim (K2imaging) took for me during the weekend's BabyLoo photoshoot.


I can't get enough of this baby!!  Thanks to Michelle for providing the little 4-week old model : )


Abby and Jason said...

I love these! I love Hooty! (glad I bought it!)

KPost said...

I'm glad you bought it too!! Except now I have to sew up some more ;)

Nick and Jaimee said...

Oh Kourtney, I think my new baby needs a few of these!! They are so cute!!