Friday, December 11, 2009 a Boise State Victory

I came home from work, wearing the green sweater. Kyle said I looked nice and together we watched familial drama unfold on Judge Judy.  A short while later I went to get ready for the Christmas party and put on the red sweater.  The following conversation ensued:

Kourtney: Kyle, do you like this sweater or the green one better?

Kyle: What green one?

Kourtney: The one I was just wearing.

Kyle: You were wearing a green sweater?

Kourtney: Yes, I was wearing a green sweater.  The same green sweater I was just wearing when you said I looked nice.

Kyle: I don't remember you wearing a green sweater because... I was looking at your beautiful face.  I just remember you looked beautiful...  like beautiful things... your face is as beautiful as a Boise State victory.

Kourtney: You remember my face but you don't even know what color sweater I was wearing?

Kyle: The red one looks great, wear that.

Ok, fine.  So I wore the red sweater, but he probably doesn't even remember.


Jamie said...

I love that you post this stuff!! hahahaha!

Abby and Jason said...

You looked beautiful!