Friday, December 11, 2009

The Pistachio Embarrassment, or Why I Shouldn't Multitask

Pistachio is such a difficult word to spell, isn't it?

Earlier this week I was typing up a storm of letters for my boss.  Of course I can't do just one thing at a time (because that would be too easy?) so while letters and envelopes were printing, I was calendaring, folding letters, and reading through my latest blog posting (just to make sure it didn't sound too stupid, ya know).  Oh and don't forget I'm on cold medicine still, I have to mention the cold medicine. 

During this flury of activity, I noticed that I had possibly misspelled pistachio on this blog posting.  So I copied and pasted "pistachio" into a Word document somewhere just to double-check my spelling of the delicious nut.

Which brings me to yesterday.  Yesterday I received an email from a recipient of one of the aforementioned letters who wanted to know "what's up with the pistachio on the front of the envelope?"  He was also so kind as to point out 3 typos I had made in typing said letter...

Do you see what happened???  Somehow I managed to copy "pistachio" onto one of the envelopes.   Either that or the recipient was referring to a pistachio nut that was strangely secured to the outer portions of his envelope.  Or not.  Oh I'm so embarrassed. 
I blame the cold medicine.


Abby and Jason said...

That is the best thing I've heard all day!

Nick and Jaimee said...

You are hilarious! I love to read your blog, it sure makes me smile. I miss you!