Monday, November 16, 2009

A Cautionary Tale

I'll be the first to admit that I do not have the most attractive feet; they're big and wide and crooked. I did, however, get a pretty awesome pedicure just before our wedding. Orange glitter gel toes!  Call me a pedicure novice, but I did not know that these gel toes are practically indestructible!  When I had them done, I was told that nail polish remover would not get them off, but they just need to be filed and the gel coating will crumble right up.  So last night I decided it was time to be done with the orange toes and I filed and filed and filed... for 20 minutes I filed my left big toenail. 

And now my toes look like this!  Horrifying, I know.  At least it is winter and I can hide my hideous toes in boots and winter socks until I go back to the salon with my damaged pride, begging someone to fix the ugly.


Suzi Q said...

When you decide to go get them done, please call me first and invite me. That is all.

Kara said...

your blog is so fun to read! you are way creative in your posts i guess thats why your into journalism. :-) i miss your beautiful face and can we please get together soon!??? maybe walk to teh temple square lights?

vickyj said...

Kelly Osborne admitted to having bunnions and ugly feet on "Dancing With the Stars" tonight. You are apparently in good company. I think you have beautiful feet. I do think you need to go to a salon and get your toe nails redone.

KPost said...

Suzi - you better believe I'll be calling you!

Kara - yes please let's get together! Just tell me when!

Mom - I wish I had been blessed with your feet :)

Abby and Jason said...

I've never had gel toes...sounds interesting, but now I'm a little frightened by what happened to you. It's too bad they wouldn't just peel off