Saturday, November 14, 2009

From the Future

Today I discovered that you can schedule a post to be posted in the future!  Isn't that exciting?  When I was in kindergarten (circa 1988) we were asked to draw pictures of what we thought the year 2000 would be like.  The winner became a published artist in the Corvallis Gazette Times.  Very prestigious.  I remember being rather disappointed when I didn't win.  I also vaguely remember dreaming up ideas of floating cars and space houses in the year 2000.  How disappointing to not be so advanced in our present day. 

In case you haven't noticed, we are nearing the end of 2009 and (to my knowledge) we do not live in space houses nor market floating cars.  BUT we can, oh yes we can, post things in the future!  My dear friends this is coming to you in the future, as I will be living it up in Boise, Idaho when this is posted. 
Blessed technology.


The Powells said...

I think you are a blogaholic. :-) lol

Abby and Jason said...

I discovered that a little while ago and I love it. Then I don't have to worry about blogging to my public! HA ha