Thursday, October 15, 2009

Today's Ratings

Its a little anticlimatic to change your name.  I think I half expected there to be some kind of ceremonious passing on of the old name at the social security office.  Hardly the case.  It was, however, less traumatic and time-consuming than I had dreaded.  Here are the ratings (1 to 5 scale):

Salt Lake County Social Security Office
Cleanliness: 4  They even have hand sanitizer stations!  Woohoo!

Friendliness: 2  The token police officer by the front door was less than impressive.  The guy who took my information hardly said a word to me, but at least he was efficient.

Aesthetics: 4 Its a newer office with pretty tile floors and walls!  I mark off points for no still life paintings.  Every office deserves a still life painting. I think this one of a dead pigeon would be good for any government office.

Wait Time: 4 Higher marks because I didn't run out of time on my meter.  I arrived 10 minutes before they opened and I was out 40 minutes later.  I had anticipated much worse!

Salt Lake County Driver License Office
 **First of all, since when is it not a driver's license?  Wouldn't that make more sense??  Apparently the official term is driver license.  Non-possesive.  Go figure.

Cleanliness: 2 - I seriously fear I may have contracted a foreign microbe in that office.  Ew.

Friendliness: 4 - My lifelong image of cranky DMV ladies is somewhat abated.  3 out of the 4 women who helped me through the process seemed genuinely non-irritated at their jobs.  Way to go!

Aesthetics: 3 - No aesthetic appeal there.  However, I did like the nice shade of sky blue they used for the license photo background.  Also, the computers used for the written test were a nice touch - just don't touch them for fear of disease (I used my knuckle to make selections).

Wait Time: 5! I didn't have to wait for anything!  This was a real shocker.  The last time I was at the DMV (4 years ago, in Colorado) I spent hours and hours waiting.  I'm pretty sure they closed the office and we were still waiting to be helped.  That, however, does not dimish my love for colorful Colorado. 

Eye Doctor

Also on the list today was a visit to the eye doctor.  It really has nothing to do with changing my name, but I did have to sign a new form with my married name - so fun...  Dr. Christianson is really the sweetest old man eye doctor and loves to talk about everything.  Today I got to hear about how he proposed to his wife, who apparently didn't even know they were dating.  Its a good story.
He was so kind to give me these sweet shades before I left. 
Just in case you're wondering, his office rates a 5 for everything.  They are the best!


Jamie said...

That's HOT!

From Start to Finish said...

great blog very entertaining, my SS guy was soo friendly he was from Denver etc. I want to hear the full story of how the eye dr ended up with his wife

KPost said...

You know what? I don't know how they ended up together! I was just going to write their cute story but then I realized he never finished it! He left off by telling me that he proposed at Thanksgiving and she laughed at him. Somehow it must have worked out because they're still married...