Monday, October 29, 2012


Saturday night we went to a murder mystery dinner party and managed to throw together some last-minute costumes to fit our roles.

Kyle was Bo, ze French winemaker.

His sequined beret was $5.00 at the little girls' clearance section at Target.
The shirt is thrifted.  And a women's.
He wore my black pants.
I drew the mustache.  One side is bigger than the other.
He does a great French accent.

 I was Angel, an Italian girl living in Manhattan and living a life of crime.
I channeled Snooki for inspiration.

I pinned leggings in my hair to make the bump.
I used homemade bronzer to create an orange glow (even though I was still far from true guidette) and made a huge mess in our bathroom.
This picture does not accurately represent the true amount of makeup I had on.

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