Monday, October 15, 2012

A Good Day!

This week concludes the 4 week Kuvan trial for Avery.
I think I've mentioned before...  Kuvan is a prescription for people with PKU that can help them to be able to eat more natural protein.  Not all people respond to it though, so we've been trying it out for 4 weeks to see if it works for Avery.

And guess what?


We're so excited!

We still don't know what her protein tolerance is exactly, and frankly the way she is eating and growing right now it might be awhile before it levels off.  But, the hope is that she will be able to eat more fruits, vegetables, and low protein foods every day and she may possibly be able to eat regular breads, pastas and dairy!  No meat, but still.  We'll take what we can get!

Hooray for modern medicine!


Crystal said...

So happy to hear this!!!

MeganMc said...

So happy for you!!

vickyj said...

Truly a Tender Mercy!

Rich and Brianne said...

How wonderful!

The Bender Family said...

Love, love, LOVE this news!!

Jamie said...

Sweet deal Avery girl!!! YAY!! :o)