Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Colorado Trip Part I: Vail

Kyle's lifelong dream came true when scored some Denver Broncos tickets so we made a quick trip to Colorado to soak up the Colorado fall gorgeousness and enjoy some football.

It takes a little bit longer to get to Colorado through the mountains (as opposed to driving through Wyoming) but it's so much more fun.  This trip we made it a point to stop in Vail for lunch.

Vail is like straight out of a movie.
It is seriously so pretty there.

 I haven't been to Vail in 10 years and it has changed so much!  But it is still the nicest, cutest ski town ever.

 I was dying over the aspens.

So most of the shops in Vail are either touristy crap or super high end designer amazingness.
We aren't in the market for touristy crap but we were definitely too underdressed for me to even feel comfortable standing outside the Designer Furs storefront so we just walked the streets.
Oh, but we did check out the candy store.
No crap and no dress code.

 Bump! Ha!

I just love these two.

Avery totally tried to kiss this bear statue.

This little girl can only stand to be strapped in a stroller for so long.
She pretty much ran all over the town.  Barefoot.
See? I told you we were under dressed.

Next time I want to plan to stay overnight in Vail.
I'll be sure to pack my fancy clothes so I can actually go shopping too.

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