Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bright Side

I was only supposed to work 2 weeks.  Then it became 3 weeks.  Then 3 weeks plus 2 days.  Now it's 4 weeks and 1 day.

I'm so grateful we have such good friends who have been willing to watch Avery while I'm working but it's so hard to leave her every morning.  I keep telling myself it's only temporary, just a few more days weeks...

So it's pretty sucky to leave my baby girl every day and as I mentioned before, my working schedule is kind of crazy.  Like basically I have no life.  But in the spirit of looking on the bright side, I've been trying to see the good in my otherwise craptastic situation this summer.  I mean really, I'd much rather be at the pool with Avery than freezing to death in an over-air-conditioned office.  Or napping.  Yes, I'd rather be napping.

But here's my bright side:
  • Money.  Obviously I wouldn't do all this if I wasn't getting paid.
  • Because of the monies, we should hopefully be able to pay off our car in the next couple of months, which means we should hopefully be able to buy a NEW-ish car in the next year or so.  Yay for newish cars!
  • I am forced to shower and make myself look decent very early every morning.  Perhaps this is a habit that I can keep up from now on (but don't hold your breath).
  • It's weird to say this but I think it's been good for our marriage.  Kyle and I are like Super Team Post lately.  We both are working really hard to get everything done and to help each other out.  Kyle gets up super early with me every day and makes Avery's formula and gets her changed and ready for the day and helps me load up the car.  We take turns doing the dishes every night so we can have clean bottles in the morning.  I made him a super delicious ham sandwich once or twice.  Kyle also cooks dinner several times a week and even earned Super Husband status by making a meal plan and doing all the grocery shopping for the month.  Like where did this guy even come from??
  • The weekends are Precious Hours of Golden Fairyland where every moment is awesome and extra-enjoyed because I don't have to report to anyone, answer any phones, or type out of obligation.  Also I don't have to get up at fivefreakingoclockinthemorning.
  • We discovered our yard is a favorite place for our neighbor's chickens to hang out in the morning.  If it's on my property I can totally cook it for dinner right??
  •  I get to see some of my favorite friends once or twice a day when dropping off or picking up Avery (thanks Awesome Friends!)

8 more days... just 8 more days...


vickyj said...

I LOVE bullet 4! Just sayin'.
Comment on bullet 6: those chickens may be eating the bugs in your yard. This is a good thing. Do not eat the bug-eaters.

Kim said...

Look at bring so optimistic! I love it!