Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yeah Right

"We don't have a spider problem," he said.
"We don't need pest control,"  he said.
"I'll spray for bugs myself," he said.

Oh yeah?  Well I vacuumed today and found SEVEN dead spiders in a 3 foot radius.  I don't care if they are dead (although I'd rather they be found dead than alive...)  But if they are found dead, that means they were once in my house alive.  That means they are getting inside my house.  In multiples.  And where there is one spider (or seven) there are dozens more that I do not find.

As far as I'm concerned, we DO have a spider problem.  We DO need pest control.  And maybe if he actually sprayed the house like he said he would we wouldn't have bugs in the house.  But we will just never know, will we?

Next year, I'm tracking down those door to door pest control guys and begging them to spray our house.  I cannot live in peace knowing there are spiders living amongst us.

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Kate Dunstan said...

AHH! I feel your pain! I have the same problem (with husband and spiders). He says he will spray... Also I feel like I have this crazy spidey-sense where I can see one from across the room or know one is behind me. Usually I'm right. maybe 5% of the time it's just a piece of fuzz. But I have to keep a watch out, right??