Tuesday, July 10, 2012

An upcoming birthday and some other things

My baby turns 1 next week!
I have been so excited to plan her first birthday party even though Kyle thinks I'm being ridiculous, seeing as how she's practically still a baby and all.  Whatever.  I think first birthday parties are probably more for us moms than anything else.  

We're not planning a huge celebration or anything, just a few family and friends and I am excited to try my very first low protein birthday cake.  Fingers crossed it will actually be edible.

It's also an excuse to practice my new favorite hobby: fake calligraphy.
I only made 6 invitations and my hand has been cramping for 3 days.
Probably I need to take a REAL calligraphy class.
I'm really happy with how the envelopes turned out, but the jury's out on the invitations.  It's just not... what I had in my mind.  But oh well.  It was fun to do nonetheless.


Jessica said...

If you take a regular cake mix and one can of sprite you get a really enjoyable low-pro cake that everyone can enjoy. :)

Kourtney said...

Thank you for the tip - I will definitely try that! I'm always excited to connect with other PKU moms! Especially ones that have good ideas for me :)