Friday, May 18, 2012

Escape Artist

For the last few months, my trick to getting ready for the day was to put Avery in her bouncy chair in our bedroom and put Baby Einstein on.  I'd have a good 25 minutes of her being contained and entertained so I could shower in the morning.

Then one day in April I was in our bathroom when I heard a strange shuffling sound coming from the bedroom.  When I looked in, I saw Avery had somehow flipped herself over IN the bouncy chair and was making a desperate escape attempt.

Like this.

And then she shimmied right out of the seat restraints (still buckled) and crawled away like it was nothin.
I thought maybe it was a fluke, so I tightened the buckles and went through the same routine the next day.
With the same result.
I guess now it is time to retire the bouncy seat.

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Suzi Q said...

You could try a jumperoo like Trey had, or a Johnny Jump up. My boys LOVED those and they kept them busy while I bathed. It's worth a shot. I have one that hangs in the door way you could borrow. She loved it at my house.