Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Kyle is pretty much in love with taking people places, so when his parents spent a couple of days with us on their way home to Boise, we just had to take a trip to Cabellas.  The only pictures we took were of Avery, but that's just kind of how things go around here anymore.
You know how it is.

I felt this to be a little reminiscent of Goldilocks & the Three Bears.
Especially with all the taxidermied bears nearby...

The first time through the aquarium, Avery was not pleased.
But by the time we were leaving, she warmed up to the fishies.
Maybe because they were less scary than the giant stuffed moose that she absolutely freaked out at.  Cabellas is just kinda cool like that.

I would also like to mention that I kicked Kyle's trash in the shooting game.  And no, I did not "just hit the easy targets" as he so tries to claim.  I've got skills, people.

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vickyj said...

I think Avery needs that chair!