Sunday, May 6, 2012

Big Shoes

It's hard to move on from such a good weekend.

My parents came down from Idaho for a wedding reception and stayed with us a couple of days.  My Saturday afternoon was spent shopping with my mom and binging on Paradise Bakery carbs because those are the kinds of things you want to do with your mom.  Also you want to sew (when sewing is what you do).  We spent hours in my sewing room stitching up a little green dress for one of my nieces.  

Avery learned to stand
We had Ben & Jerry's
And "gourmet" grilled cheese
Hit up a lot of yard sales
Wandered a very busy Costco
and braved a lot of wind

Monday has big shoes to fill.

1 comment:

vickyj said...

Did we really sew longer than we shopped in the Boutique? The week-end was amazing. Let's do it again!