Friday, April 27, 2012


She's only 9 months old, but Avery's already got a personality that's too big for her britches.

This last week she has decided that she will not eat by spoon.  For a couple of days all I could get her to eat were crackers and puffs because she will feed them to herself (I'm not allowed to help).  I thought this phase would last just a day or two but it's proving persistent.  

To outsmart the baby, I started using a cracker as a spoon.  If I spoon baby food onto the cracker, she will let me feed her.  (Please can Gerber start making edible spoons/spoon-shaped crackers?!  When you see them on the shelves one day, I totally thought of it first)

If I put a bib on her when she eats, she will almost always shove her bib in her mouth in between bites of food.  This ends up being rather counterproductive so lately I opt for no bib.  It's actually less messy.

Her favorite toy is a broken remote.

She laughs when she hears babies crying.

She will grab your face and stare into your eyes, nose to nose.
And then lick your nose.


Anonymous said...

Try reading the book "Baby Led Weaning." No spoons needed! The BLW feeding approach makes for a very happy baby and an even happier mom!

vickyj said...

Ilove that little personality!

Kellie said...

Not gunna lie- I thought the title of this said something else starting with B and ending with itches.

Kourtney said...

Kellie-I think the same thing when I look at it! I might have maybe done it on purpose :)