Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I went to New Mexico this last week for the first time.
For some reason it always seems like it's hard for me to describe what I do when I go on these work trips but the short story is, I sell wholesale accessories.

Like these pretty scarves right here.

And these sunglasses which I may have snagged for myself.
(I can't work a market without buying something for myself.  It is impossible)

It is seriously so much fun.
But also missed my baby.
A lot.
It was my first time ever leaving her!

My boss/friend/partner in crime, Deb.  We go way back. 
She has so much experience working in the fashion industry, it's seriously amazing.  She's kind of like an accessories guru.  And once upon a time she was even a shoe model.  
(Deb, when you read this the answer is yes.  I am totally sucking up.)  

And I probably should have saved this photo for blackmail.
One of our finer moments picking up "supplies" at the Dollar Tree in Albuquerque.
Working hard, no?

I was working inside the whole time so my thoughts on Albuquerque can't possibly be very thorough.
I can say that it was not as hot as I expected, and also there are no palm trees?  I totally expected palm trees.  I did, however, eat some very, very tasty food.
(Except for the alligator... while tasty, it totally made me sick.  Twice.)

And I quite possibly fell in love with an Indian restaurant that is now hundreds of miles away.
If you're ever in Albuquerque, go eat at the Saffron Tiger.  It was amazing.  
Seriously go there.  And order the Chicken Tikka Masala.  You will be glad you did.

It was so amazing I may have licked the bowl before we left the restaurant.

And on my flight home I ended up sitting next to a guy who graduated high school with me.  And we didn't even know each other!  Random, huh?  

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Megan B said...

1. I just love your outfit in pic #1
2. You're pretty
3. Now I want Chicken Tikka Masala
4. Who did you sit next to? Crazy.