Monday, April 23, 2012


Kyle and I have very different philosophies about medicine.
My philosophy:  If there's a medicine to make it better, then I will probably take it.
Kyle's belief is Ibuprofin fixes everything.  Literally, everything.  He will almost never take anything else but his beloved Ibuprofin.

Got a headache?  Ibuprofin.
Allergies?  Ibuprofin.
Stomachache?  Ibuprofin.
Vomiting?  Ibuprofin.
Itchy eyes?  Ibuprofin.
Sleeplessness?  Ibuprofin.
Financial troubles?  Ibuprofin.

Probably he should have been a doctor I think.

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Jamie said...

hahaha :o) This cracks me up. You and I are totally the same! Oh Kyle.