Thursday, March 22, 2012

But now that we are married...

It appears that perhaps Kyle has married me under false pretenses.  That is to say that when we were dating I apparently made him think that I loved things that I don't so much love.

Case in point:
When we were dating, Kyle invited me on a hike or two, and I gladly went along.  I am by no means a good hiker 1. Because I'm terribly out of shape 2. Because I have a weird breathing problem due to a faulty vocal chord.  Do I like hiking?  Yes, on occasion.  Do I love to hike?  Not particularly, but I'll go along for the ride.

But now that we are married and I drag my feet to go hiking with him, Kyle feels a little betrayed.
"But when we were dating you loved to go hiking!"

Not true, but I loved to be with him and if he was hiking, I was with him and I loved it.

It goes both ways though.
You see, way back when we were dating, I knew Kyle liked sports.  I knew he loved Boise State football.  Did I know/expect/anticipate that once married our TV would be blaring sports every single night for the rest of our lives?  The answer is no.  No I did not.  But since we got married at the beginning of football season, I caught on fast.... in like a culture shock kind of way.

So sorry Kyle, I didn't mean to lead you on.  But I will go hiking with you if you want to.  Not because I love to hike, but because I kind of love to do stuff with you.  And when March Madness is finally over, I'm taking control of the remote for awhile.

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