Wednesday, March 21, 2012

8 Months

Avery is 8 months!

Weight: 16 lbs. 1 oz.

Height: 27"

Avery pulls herself up to stand on just about anything.

She gives lots of sloppy baby kisses!

Cut tooth #3

She waves!

Climbing stairs, much to my dismay.

Avery LOVES shoes.  She will work very hard to get a hold of and chew on anyone's shoe she can see.  Are we raising a baby or a puppy?

Have I mentioned she loves Baby Einstein?  Cause pretty much that's the only way I get stuff done now.  I get 20 minutes of do-anything-you-can-before-the-show-is-over time every day.

We also have a very social baby.  She loves other kids and gets so excited when she sees a baby about her size.

Avery is fearless!  She will go head first for anything she sees that she wants.  I love how she's not afraid of anything, but it also keeps us on our toes!  

She is very determined.  If she sees a shoe across the room, she will crawl over and under anything to get to it.

Most nights she is just waking up once now, which is amazing!   Her 2 naps a day are also getting longer.

She loves to eat and will try everything I make for her.  Bananas are definitely not her favorite though.


The Lloyds said...

She is too cute. We need to get our social babies together for a play date.

vickyj said...

Love this blog -- because I love this baby. thank you for sharing her milestones.