Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Drama

Once upon a time we drove 1 hour and 15 minutes to a surprise party for one of our favorite friends.  (Happy birthday Abby!)  Kyle and Avery and I were hanging out at the party pre-surprise when the following conversation ensued:

Avery:  WAHHH!!
Me:  Kyle, would you grab a bottle for her?
Kyle: Where are the bottles?
Me:  In the diaper bag.
Kyle: There are no bottles in the diaper bag

I forgot the bottles. 

2 hours previous I had carefully packed 3 Enfamil + medical formula bottles for Avery and even packed an empty bottle, gram scale, and extra formula just in case.  We were planning to be out partying until who knows when and we were sure as heck going to be prepared with lots of bottles.

Bottles that I left in a cooler on the kitchen counter.

I totally wanted to cry.  I had a screaming, hungry baby and nothing I could feed her.  I couldn't run out to the store and grab something (her medical formula gets delivered to us once a month).  I couldn't even breastfeed her (although I did contemplate it...  I'm totally dried up though).  

I guess if it was really bad I could have just given her regular formula and prayed she wouldn't have brain damage from one day of high PHE levels, but I am a control freak and a perfectionist and also did I mention a hypochondriac?  So pretty much that was out of the question.  (I'm a trifecta of emotional crazy)

We were able to stay long enough for the birthday surprise but I was really sad we could not stay.  And even more sad it was my fault :(  I did, however, grab a sucker on our way out and 10 minutes down the road I let Avery have a taste.  It got her to stop screaming and she sucked on it for a long time before finally falling asleep, her cute little face covered in red, sticky sucker!  

I'm pretty sure our pediatrician would not be pleased.
Shhhhhhh.  It'll be our little secret :)

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