Wednesday, November 9, 2011

City Adventure

On Monday I took Avery on a big city adventure!
We spent the whole day in Salt Lake.
We visited my old office and Avery got a lot of attention from my coworkers.
I wanted to introduce Avery to some of my favorite things about the city.

 And she pretty much slept through most of it.

Avery's first trip to Temple Square!

Yep.  She's sleeping.

Avery!  Skyscrapers! 
And she's still asleep.

We stopped in at Hagermann's, one of my favorite places for a tasty sandwich.

mmmmm.... turkey pomodoro.
It has cranberry jalapeno jelly on it!  And havarti!  And roasted tomatoes!
I die.

She missed every tasty bite.

At least she wasn't asleep the whole time.

But then we visited the book store, where Avery was not only awake but decided to have a full on scream-fest in the children's section.

There's nothing like a water feature to soothe a screamy baby.
I love having adventures with this baby girl.

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