Sunday, October 30, 2011

You Know Why

(i was going to put a picture of a spider here because i don't like to post without a picture but googling spiders is going to give me nightmares.  so no spider pictures.)

4 Experiences That Contributed to My Major Spider Phobia

1.  I grew up in Oregon and one day hobo spiders decided to take over.  They were literally the size of a large peanut butter jar.  I know because we tried to catch one in a jar once.  So I was having a sleep over and we were watching that volcano movie (I can't remember what it was called because the spiders were far too traumatic)  when one of the giant hobo spiders ran out from no where, over my legs and into the popcorn bowl.  You have no idea how loud I screamed.  All of us pre-teens ended up on the couch screaming until my dad came down with a can of Raid.

2.  While I was going to college I lived in this cute but creepy old house with Jamie (hi Jamie!) and there were a lot of dead spiders lying around when I moved in.  I should have turned around right then because one morning I woke up with an itch on my stomach and when I looked down I saw a FREAKING SPIDER CRAWLING UP MY SHIRT!!!!!  Major trauma.  I slept on the couch for 3 weeks.

3.  I ventured into my parents unfinished basement in order to clean out some boxes of childhood memorabilia. I was emptying a box of books and when I took the last book out, a bajillion tiny little spiders came pouring out from under the bottom box flaps.  A bajillion.  No joke.  I don't think I ever went in that basement again.

4.  Two weeks ago I was coming in the house from getting the mail when I felt something fall on my head and roll off my arm.  I glanced down to see what it was.  You guessed it.  It was A SPIDER!!!  Major major trauma.  Now every time I go through the front door I look all around the door frame to make sure this never happens again.


Jamie said...

That's why you were sleeping on the couch!! Hahaha :o)

Ames said...

Kourtney, you are hilarious! And I couldn't relate more to your spider phobia! They seem to always want to go down my shirt. Spiders are gross.