Monday, September 12, 2011

About Sleep

My biggest headache with Avery sleeping at night wasn't her waking up, but getting her back to sleep!  She would eat, go to sleep, and the second I put her down in her cradle, she'd be awake.  Even when I swaddled her as best I could, she would somehow wiggle herself out of it in no time.  

So the other night I remembered that I had a Halo sleep sack that lovely Nicole had given me and I hadn't even tried it out yet!  I wrapped Avery up and for 4 nights in a row I've had no problems getting her back to sleep.  It's a miracle!  Now I just need like 5 more of these so I don't have to wash it all the time.


Crystal said...

Oh my heavens! Sleep sacks are a MUST! So glad you got one as a gift and discovered its greatness. Loving all the pictures, by the way :) Avery is so expressive and cute!

vickyj said...

But she's in this Halo sleep sack WIDE AWAKE! Did she eventually get back to sleep? Where do you purchase said Halo sleep sacks?