Sunday, September 18, 2011

2 months and more please!

Avery is 2 months old!
She is more alert and expressive now and is starting to smile a lot and eat her hands.
Pretty much I love her to pieces.  
(Even though she spit up in my face last night while I was feeding her in bed.)

What I love most is getting to know her little baby personality.  It's so rewarding to feel like I know what she wants or what she needs or how she likes to be held or what will put her to sleep.  It's a little sad to know that she is going to grow up and one day she won't be a snuggly, tiny baby but it's also so exciting every time she does something new.

And thanks to everyone who sent me suggestions on breastfeeding!  I'm taking fenugreek and eating oatmeal like it's my job and my skin is oozing maple syrup stench (side effect from fenugreek).  I haven't seen a huge difference yet, but I'm still reluctant to give up just yet.  And yes, I do have a pump, and no I can't hardly pump anything.  It's very disappointing.  And uncomfortable at that...

But can someone please remind me how uncomfortable it is to be pregnant?  Because I love this baby girl so much I want another one like right this minute.  It's totally against my better judgment (and life plan) but oh I just want to fill our house with babies!


Chelsea said...

From a current 33 week preggo:

- waddling
- feeling like a whale
- not seeing your feet in days
- heartburn
- overheating
- shortness of breath
- crappy sleep.

I don't think I covered everything, but I think I got the basics. There's your reminder! ;) So glad to hear all this uncomfortableness is well worth it, though!


Chelsea said...

Oh, and Avery is adorable. ;)