Friday, August 26, 2011

So Far So Awesome

Sometimes it seems like I can never put Avery down without her vocalizing protest.  She will usually last 10-15 minutes talking to herself on the floor or in her bouncy chair, but that's hardly enough time to accomplish the most basic of daily things such as showering.  Also, my arms are tired. 

In an effort to free my aching arms a little longer during the day, my mom helped us get a swing.

We took this one for a test drive in Target.  She seemed happy enough for a few minutes so we packed it home and prayed she'd like it.

So far so awesome.
She's already spent an hour in this thing and is perfectly content.  It's a miracle!
I love to hold this baby but sometimes my arms need a break.
Now what do I do?!?  Take a shower?  Eat a hot meal?  Paint my toenails?
So much to choose from!

(Thanks Mom!)


vickyj said...

You're welcome. Thirty-nine years of experience comes in handy once in a while. I'm delighted she is content in her new swing. Enjoy!

Kim and Warren said...

Aww, Awesome! So glad Avery is liking her swing so far. Karli lives in hers and she is 10months old!!! I know they are a HUGE help when trying to get stuff done and I know it's hard to listen to them cry but just a few words of loving advise: It's OK for them to cry. It helps develop there lungs and teaches them to soothe themselves. Now, I'm not saying let the princess bawl till she loses her voice, lol, but it is ok for them to cry for awhile. The more she gets use to you holding her and picking her up when she cries, the harder it gets to set them down. Beautiful swing and it will be a lifesaver if she continues to enjoy it! Babies are so much fun to shop for!!!!! Love you guys!

Jason and Abby said...

so glad she likes it! Adorable

Jen said...

Yay for a break for mommy! Looks like a soft comfortable swing. We just got one too and I'm praying our little guy loves it!