Monday, June 20, 2011

The Secret to a Successful and Happy Marriage

I am here today to share with you the secret to a successful and happy marriage: separate tubs of ice cream.  I used to think that when you go to the grocery store, you buy one tub of ice cream and you share it with your spouse because that is the loving and kind thing to do.  Now, I know better. 

Having your own tub of ice cream means:
  • You do not ever need to share (I mean really, sometimes sharing gets old)
  • You do not need to compromise your ice cream hopes and dreams.  Kyle likes caramel, I like chocolate and chunky stuff.  Separate tubs=we both get what we want.
  • You can eat your ice cream whenever you want.  With a shared tub, I always felt like I needed to eat it with Kyle.  But the problem with this is that I prefer my dessert shortly after dinner and Kyle likes to wait until the later moments before bed, long after dinner is good and gone.
  • Your ice cream lasts longer.  Kyle is a natural-born Post which means that a serving of ice cream is equal to no less than 1/4 gallon.  Basically as much ice cream as you can cram into a large cereal bowl.  For me this is too much, especially with my delicate condition (read: gestational diabetes).  Remember folks, I have only been a Post for 21 months.  It may take me some time to reach my full ice cream potential as a Post.  Regardless, having my own tub means it lasts 2.4 times longer than Kyle's tub.  Win!
So if you find yourself quarreling over shared ice cream, do yourself a favor and switch to separate tubs. 

You're welcome.


Chelsea said...

Not a bad idea. Although for this pregnant lady, I find myself buying 2 tubs of ice cream JUST for myself, and if Tom is lucky I'll share just a little bit with him, haha! ;) I swear, what is it with being prego and being protective of our ice cream?!


It Started With a Wink said...

haha I love it sharing is overrated, however my husband has found that my ice cream choices really are better and he eats mine too!

Jason and Abby said...

we tried this, but I ended up eating Jason's :)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

This was great! Darci from Page Traveler Tales thought I would like this post and she was right. I think I've been doing things all wrong. Instead of hiding my ice cream, I need to be getting my husband his own. :)