Sunday, June 19, 2011


Kyle & our niece, Karli
Yesterday we survived an 8 hour childbirth class.  Let me tell you, it was very enlightening (and today I am paying for all that sitting).  At one point during the live birth videos, while I was trying not to throw up, the girl in front of me burst into tears and one an aisle over had her mouth and eyes gaping wide open.  I'm not sure Kyle was even watching the video but we looked at each other and started laughing.  It's just how us Posts deal with uncomfortable situations.  But then we all looked at newborn pictures and high-fived each other for becoming parents.

Kyle has wanted to be a dad his whole life.  Even his mom can attest to that.  At age 11 he had picked out names for his future kids.  I find this to be kind of odd but I also really love it about him. 

I've long heard that dads-to-be often don't get excited or feel bonded to new babies until they are able to play and interact with them more as toddlers.  Either this is a big fat lie or I married an exception to the rule because anytime we are around a new baby, I have to practically claw Kyle away so I can get a chance to hold it.  He loves babies and is great with newborns.  Now, let's just hope he is also great with diapers.

Early in my pregnancy Kyle came to me very solemnly with a question: "Are you going to hog the baby when it's born?  I mean, I know you're the mom and all... but I don't want you to hog it all the time."  You see, I have no choice but to quit my job to stay at home, otherwise I would not ever get baby time to myself :)

I am officially 34 weeks today and the Dr. is talking about inducing me before my due date (July 31st).  Probably only a week or so early, but we still don't know when for sure.  So while we are still 3-6 weeks away from having a newborn in the house, I'd like to wish a Happy Father's Day to my favorite dad-to-be!

To celebrate Father's Day, Kyle requested steaks, banana chocolate chip cake, and that I enthusiastically sit through 3 hours of the Fiesta Bowl DVD wherein Boise State defeated Oklahoma.  Let the record show that I give my man what he wants.  And I even promised not to hog the baby!


Jamie said...

Don't worry Kyle there will be times where Kourtney is begging you to hold the newborn. Kourtney just tell him he can have all the baby time he wants from 10pm to 7am :o) You guys are going to be AWESOME parents!! Justin' is jealous of steaks and the fiesta bowl!! He got brownies and Tuna sandwich, studying, and Lexi having strep hahaha. He's still a happy Dad. I'm so excited for you guys and I hope they induce you early, I'll pray for you!! :o)

HPhillips said...

Just had my son 3 weeks ago, and I gotta say - don't let them induce you unless there is a big medical reason why.

I went this way (for a medical reason), and am truly sorry that I did - my body wasn't ready yet and this made everything so much harder, and in the end, I was exhausted.

In retrospect, when told re: induction I would have asked more questions and truly weighed it out a lot more!

Best of luck to you and Kyle, hope baby girl is happy and healthy and your birth experience is better than ours.