Friday, March 11, 2011

Multiple Choice

I have recently been presented with all of the following social situations.  Now it's your turn to decide what you'd do!  Please choose the response which best describes how you would react.  For fun, you may include your answers in the comments. 

1. Person X begins to tell you a story which you have heard at least 2 or 3 times before.  Which of the following would you do?
A.  Pretend you never heard the story before and invent a new way to look excited about it.
B.  Cut Person X off at the beginning and say something to the effect of "Oh yes, you told me this already."
C.  Sneakily text someone to call you asap so you can excuse yourself from hearing the very long story, yet again.

2. You seriously have to run to the bathroom.  Like RIGHT. NOW.  Person X is anxiously engaged in telling you every detail of everything uninteresting ever recorded. Do you:
A.  Squirm uncomfortably for the next 30 minutes until you can get a word in to excuse yourself.
B.  Pray for someone to call/walk by/somehow interrupt the conversation so you can get out of there.
C.  Secretly scream at Person X in your head "SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!!!"
D.  Walk Run away mid-sentence.

3. Person X begins a conversation with you by saying, "Oh you know such-and-such obscure movie/book/actor/public figure?"  "No."  "No?!? You've NEVER seen/read/heard of _______?!?!?!  Well, let me spend the next 2 hours telling you all about it."  Do you:
A.  Get comfortable for the long haul and enjoy the feeling of your eyes glazing over.
B.  Feign interest while daydreaming about a spicy Italian sandwich.
C.  Try to figure out how this could be at all helpful and/or interesting to you in the future.  Like, if you were to be on a trivia game show or something.
D.  All of the above

4. You have not told Person X you are pregnant (clarification: Person X is not the father).  Person X looks at you quizzically and inquires, "How are you doing?"  (Not in the Joey of Friends style)  Do you:
A.  Assume Person X is making reference to your pregnancy and proceed to divulge all the fun and excitingness of pregnancy related back pain.
B.  Ignore the possible pregnancy reference and reply, "Just fine, thanks!"
C.  Be perfectly blunt and ask, "Would you like to know about my growing fetus?"


bequi said...

For the bathroom one, I say, "I'm sorry to interrupt, but I need to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW."

Works like a charm.

Kellie said...

1. A (but not always)
2. A, B & C
3. UGH... B
4. B

Did I pass?? :)

Crystal's and Chantal's and Holly's Dad said...

1. "A" if it's someone at church whom I am trying to fellowship. "B" for just about everyone else.

2. I would have to go with "D" on this one, but would first excuse myself. "A" would just turn into a disaster if we're truly talking about "RIGHT NOW". Old(er) age causes problems in this area. (Yea, I know, TMI!!)

3. "D", and my guess is that "D" has been a part of your life already.

4. Well, this one is awkward, given my gender.... But, if I were a woman, I'd have to go with "C" just to get the laughs, even if I was the only one laughing!!