Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kyle's Place

That’s right. It happened. I have been invited by my wife to be a contributor to our blog. It was a hard decision to accept this invitation because my wife is an incredible blogger. She has amazing thoughts and writes like Bill Shakespeare. She is clever and funny and beautiful. She is the love of my life and has many talents. One of her greatest talents is somehow putting up with my random thoughts and actions.

I have a lot of weird things going on inside my head and it seems like funny things happen to me a lot that might be interesting to you. A lot of these random thoughts will be shared at random on this blog. Watch out.

So hopefully your eyes will water with hunger as you enjoy a tasty read of Kyle’s thoughts.

Here is a true experience: when I was in 9th grade I had an English teacher named Mrs. King. She was old and weird. One time my friend Jesse and I were having a good time showing off to hot ladies and Mrs. King caught me.

She walked by my desk and bent down to whisper in my ear, “Those ladies aren’t going to help you in the future, but my teaching you how to write these essays will help you in your life. Forget the flirting or you will never become a good writer.”

Then as she walked away she farted in my face.

Dead serious.

I don’t think she farted on purpose, but it doesn’t matter. She still farted in my face.

So I have one thing to say to you now Mrs. King: That flirting gave me good practice to win the woman of my dreams. She is beautiful and awesome. She also has a world famous blog and she invited me to write on it because she thinks I am a great writer. So who is farting in whose face now?


Suzi Q said...

Well done.

Jamie said...

Dear Kyle,

Your grammer was a little off in this post, but now I understand why hahaha j/k. I'm so excited for your posts!! (no pun intended)

PS Please tell your wife to post pics of her cute belly!! I'm dying to see!

Kellie said...

Hilarious! At first I thought her words really inspired you... But no matter what anyone said to me, regardless of how it may move me- if they farted in my face afterward it would immediately be discredited.