Monday, February 7, 2011

A Rant

So Christina butchered a line in the National Anthem.  And maybe the Black Eyed Peas vocals were a little off (although I beg to differ).  But is anyone else tired of the incessant criticism that's taking place not 24 hours after the confetti settled in Dallas?  Even the commercials are being picked apart and analyzed to no end!  It seems to me that the Super Bowl hype has little to do with football anymore.

Is it, perhaps, fair to say that we expect perfection from our entertainers?  Our models?  Our professional athletes?  I get that "we" pay them millions upon millions of dollars to perform to our heart's content, but seriously, they are only people.  We shouldn't expect them to be perfect and we probably shouldn't give them millions upon millions... but that's a rant for another day.

All this criticism makes me wonder if, in this generation of American Idols and X Factors, we've all turned into our own kind of Simon Cowell. As if we even have the right to judge.

But what then, of ourselves?  I mean, if Fergie can't get a "good job" from a Super Bowl performance, what chance do I have to succeed?  I can't help but feel that the constant comparisons and criticisms aren't reserved for the rich and famous.  I've seen it when I was in school and I see it now even among my friends, coworkers, family and myself.  It's just so easy to be negative.  (And I may be the guiltiest of all)

My point of all this is to say let's give these guys a break.  (Heck, let's give us all a break!)  If I were placed in front of millions of people to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, I would probably panic and screw up a line or two.  I don't think Christina's less-than-perfect rendition of the National Anthem means she is unpatriotic or an America-hater.  Dude, I am sure even Christina gets nervous, not to mention the Black Eyed Peas.

Why not focus on some positives instead of tearing apart professionals for doing a decent job?  And then let's apply that to our own lives. (Myself included)


Suzi Q said...

I AGREE! As soon as I logged on facebook I honestly thought to myself...really?? There are some countries where women can't even show their faces and we are crying over the entertainment we get!? GROW UP!

Anna said...

can I copy and post on my blog please? Exactly how I feel!

Ang said...

I have to leave a comment. I'm Jamie's friend, I met you at her shower for Hayden. Anyway well put. I agree.

vickyj said...

BRAVO! Standing ovation!
Wait. You included family in there?