Friday, February 18, 2011

Nursery Prep: Part I

I never expected to marry a man who had opinions about how I decorate.  The good thing is, Kyle has good taste and we generally agree on what we like (and if we don't, I do what I like and Kyle usually comes on board later) :)  So I was especially excited that we both loved the look of an all-white nursery. 

 These nurseries were our inspiration for re-doing our nursery.  We are going for a mostly all white look, but with some color here and there.  I just love how clean and peaceful they look.

We ordered this crib way back in December and it finally came!  We both loved the Jenny Lind style and it proved harder to find than we thought.  Everywhere we went it was sold out or had been discontinued.  We finally snagged it on, although now I can't even find it there.  Kyle painted the once bright pink/purple nursery a white-gray and added some Boise State baby clothes to the crib so they could get acclimated.

And then one day I finally got ambitious and attacked this $10 chandelier I found at a garage sale last year.  Kyle was hesitant to remove the existing ceiling fan in the nursery, so I took it down by myself one day while he was gone :)  This is the chandelier before I painted it white, but after I had removed all of the beading.  And believe me, there was A LOT of beading....

Here she is in a new coat of white!  I re-strung all the beads and while it was painstakingly ridiculous, I think it was worth it.  But believe me, I had many thoughts of just leaving the beads on there and painting it all white.  I'm so glad I didn't though, I love that they are still clear.

I'm getting really pretty handy with electrical wiring these days, if I do say so myself.  The hardest part was getting the ceiling fan down.  Alone.  Without a ladder.  When the chandelier was all finished, we hung it up (in the dark. with a flashlight) and ta-da! It didn't work.  I was so deflated, it took a few days before I was ready to try again.  It turned out that the wire nuts had come off while we were shoving the wiring back in the ceiling.  The second time around however, she worked like a charm.

And I have to say, as disappointed as Kyle was that I took down the ceiling fan, he really, really loves the chandelier now.  It's so nice to agree on things :)


Chelsea said...

I love this! You did a FANTASTIC job on that chandelier! I LOVE it! And $10?! Wow! Totally worth all the effort you put into it.

You guys are gonna have an adorable nursery!


Crystal said...

That looks so awesome! You have always amazed me with your ability to succeed at pretty much anything you try :)

mrsmonje said...

the chandelier looks so amazing! Send me some of your creative vibes please because I seriously need them lol! I bought a chandelier at IKEA a while ago but never put it up but If i have a girl I totally am going too! I cant wait to see how the room turns out and further more I cant wait to start my room lol

It Started With a Wink said...

that is awesome!!!

Courtney B said...

I have been LOVING reading your blog!!
You and your man are SO cute together!
Congrats on your pregnancy! (It always sounds so weird to me to say congrats but I really do think it's exciting:)
And that chandelier looks amazing!!

Meredith said...

Hi Kourtney!
Your nursery is looking awesome! I love the white walls and crib. It will be such a calm sweet place for your baby to grow up.
Would love to see more as you finish the room!
Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont