Friday, February 4, 2011

Like a Freakin' Queen

I don't know, I guess maybe it was kind of dumb to eat three bowls of cereal at work.  Especially because I spilled half the milk on my skirt in the process.  Note to self: do not transport milk in a container who's lid does not fit.  I actually got milk everywhere.  I'm sure that's going to smell awesome later.

In other food news...

Yesterday I had the great fortune of eating like a freakin' queen.  For lunch I had sushi (sushi!!!!!) and for dinner I had the tastiest filet mignon ever!  (Thanks again, Elissa!!)  I mean, what does a girl like me gotta do to eat like this all the time?  Food makes my heart sing.  It is one of my great loves. 

Happy Valentine's Day to food.  I love you, baby.

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mrsmonje said...

What kind of sushi did you have? I feel like I worry way to much about eating things while being pregnant lol! I have been craving sushi so bad and will be in California soon enough and I cant decide if I should go for it and just eat it, or wait...tell me your thoughts!