Wednesday, February 9, 2011

And on this day I tried to be positive

I recognize that I am equal parts female, emotional, and pregnant and that this can create quite an unpleasant combination.  I imagine it to be something like the vinegar and baking soda volcanoes you might have made for science class: a slow eruption that smells kind of funny.

As a result, I might have been a little cranky the last few days.  Perhaps a little irritable.  Maybe with some excessive sarcasm for good measure.  I mean, it's all well-intentioned, of course, but probably doesn't make for fine companionship. (Sorry, Kyle)

So today I'm dedicating this post to things that are cool.  Things that I love.  Things that rock my world.  You know, the simple pleasure in life.

1.  First and foremost: Marshmallow Mateys.  I think Kyle bought these for himself, but after the ice cream debacle, I don't think there is any food off limits anymore.  What's yours is mine, baby!  At any rate, Marshmallow Mateys totally rocked my morning.

2.  Maternity skirts.  After recently ripping a non-maternity skirt, I am ever more grateful for the fact that I have three well-fitting knit maternity skirts to rotate through on a weekly basis.  You see, I work in a place where I have to wear a skirt (or dress) and nylons (or tights) every single day.  I pretty much enjoy a bifurcated garment one day a week: Saturday.  Which is good because I only have one pair of pants that even fit me now.  (hello, I need a shopping spree)

3.  Maternity leggings.  Now that I've put holes in every pair of nylons I own, I pretty much wear maternity leggings and boots every day.  They're basically tights anyway.

4.  Eggs.  The news just had a special about how eggs are even healthier than they were 10 years ago: less cholesterol and more vitamin D!  This is especially good for a girl like me who eats 1-4 eggs on a daily basis.

5.  Teenagers.  I know, weird right?  I get to hang out with the young women at church a couple of times a week and they always prove to be a bright place in my dimly lit world of sarcastic gloom.  It doesn't matter how cranky I may be or how gross I might look, they always shower me with compliments and giddy wonderfulness!  Ah, to be 13 again...

6.  This guy.  (You know I couldn't make a list like this without putting him on here!)  Kyle never ceases to make me laugh, even when I'd rather be cranky.  He is the coolest, I sure love him, he definitely rocks my world, and while he may not be simple, he is always a pleasure to be around.

I could go on, but everything else I can think of is food related and I already write so much about food it is becoming an embarrassment.  Just think: pickles, mustard, olives, and frozen yogurt.  You get the idea. 

So what makes you happy?

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vickyj said...

Someone wise once said, " A mother is only as happy as her sadest child." I am happy today because my youngest child is happy.