Friday, January 7, 2011

Sounds Like a Personal Problem

Not that I'm some sports aficionado or anything, but I have watched more than my fair share of professional sports in my 16 months or so of marriage and I have some thoughts about some of these team names.  Namely those of the NBA and NFL.  First, here are some questions:

1. Why do some teams use the state in their name and some only use the city?  I get it when there are more than one team in a state, but at the same time, there are the LA Clippers and the LA Lakers and no one seems confused by this? For example:  Why not the Salt Lake City Jazz?  Or the Colorado Broncos?  Or the Georgia Hawks?  When I asked Kyle this, he just rolled his eyes and explained that those names just sounded lame. 

2.  Why do some mascots have nothing to do with the team name?  Example: the Utah Jazz.... Bear??  Bear? What does a bear have to do with jazz?  I mean, would not a dancing saxophone or musical note be more appropriate?  Albeit more lame-looking...  but still.  However, I do think the Jazz Bear is really cool.  Even if he isn't jazzy.

3.  Who gets to pick these team names anyway?  And didn't anyone ever say, "What the heck?!" When some of the names were announced?  Some I think are better than others.

1.  Phoenix Suns.  I get this.  Phoenix=hot=sun.  It works. 
2.  Dallas Cowboys. Again, it just make sense.
3.  Philadelphia Eagles.  Eagles are cool.
4.  Arizona Cardinals.  Cardinals are not as cool as eagles, and I don't think they fall under the category of "manly beast" or anything, but I like cardinals.  They are pretty.  And all that shade of red is really quite flattering.
5.  Minnesota Vikings.  Vikings are mean.  Vikings are manly.  Vikings killed people.  Good name for a football team.

1.  Indiana Pacers.  Excuse me, but what is a pacer?
2.  Washington Wizards.  I mean really, a wizard?  That's almost as bad as a lambkin (my high school mascot)
3.  Denver Nuggets.  Now, I am a lover of all things Colorado, but a nugget?  It doesn't sound at all menacing.  See also: lambkin.
4.  Cleveland Browns.  Browns?  Sounds like a personal problem...
5.  Green Bay Packers.  Its supposed to be a cheese packer?  Is that right?  I should google that.  I'm actually on the fence with this, because I think it has good reference to the area and I'm all for that.  But just the same... a packer? 

So there you go.  My opinion is neither here nor there, but sure enough, this is what I think about while ESPN is on.  Which is pretty much always.

As a side note, I really love the Stanford Tree.


Anonymous said...

I love your opinions Kourtney! I think if we were neighbors, our husbands could watch ESPN at one house and we could sew and craft and talk about babies or do anything except watch ESPN at the other house.

Derek and Jen said...

New York Knicks! Who wants to be named after knicker-bockers???

It Started With a Wink said...

umm hello, you are from CO, they used to mine gold nuggets up by Denver! PS I love you!