Thursday, January 20, 2011

Of Airports and Blogs

Denver International Airport

Last week I was sitting at gate B14 or something just minding my own business with my Starbucks blueberry scone and orange juice, waiting to board my plane.  I was contemplating the right time to finally apply my makeup when this guy came over and asked to sit two seats over from me.  I told him it was fine as long as he did not sit right next to me.  I need my personal space, you know.  (I am just so witty like that).  I thought he would leave me alone after that, but I soon discovered that he was insistent on talking the rest of my trip to Colorado.

The next question I got was "Well, you obviously know what I do, but what do you do for a living?"

I did not obviously know what he did.  I actually thought he was a flight attendant or some kind of co-pilot or something because he had a military-like jacket with some wingy type things on it.  Clearly I know nothing about nothing because I realized later he is in the Navy.  (I'm an idiot).

He commented on the lack of shine on my boots and how I was drinking the wrong brand of orange juice and was terribly surprised when I told him I am Mormon.  "I normally have a good radar about these things!"  He exclaimed.  I wondered what his perception of Mormons is (or of me) for him to be so surprised by this news.

At this point, he was not at all surprised when I told him I have a blog.  He actually rolled his eyes and said something to the effect of, "Oh of cooourrsee you do.  Why do so many Mormon women blog anyway?"

I had no answer.  Just that I like to blog and I also happen to be Mormon.  I have thoughts and ideas and funny things that happen (like talking to strangers in airports) that I like to write down in my spare time.  So there.

At any rate, I laughed to myself when I heard about this article on addressing this very issue (as well as the succeeding article here about the article).  I had to laugh when the author referenced Anthropolgie-like closets and something about domestic life made easy.  No really, I'm laughing.  My closet is far from Anthropolgie-esque and I hardly consider my domestic life easy.  Although Kyle has been doing the grocery shopping lately...

Anyway, I loved that the author felt that "Mormon mommy blogs" were uplifting (albeit strangely uplifting) and I hope in some sense along the way, this little blog of mine has been uplifting for someone.  Oh yeah, even if that someone is me.  :)

So what do you think about "Mormon mommy blogs?" 
Do you have thoughts on why so many Mormon women blog?
Did you also read this article?


Elissa Cox, Realtor said...

I read the the article "Mormon Mommy Blogs", but I can honestly say that the ONLY blog I read regularly (other than the couponing ones that tell me where the great deals are in a given week) is yours.

It's uplifting, entertaining, and funny. What more could I ask for?

You're amazing!

Anonymous said...

I like to think of myself as a domestic goddess. Yeah right. I do like to share recipes and crafts because a) I'm proud of myself for creating something and feel like shouting from the rooftops, or b) I know it will help someone else, or c) I don't really care if anyone reads it, I just wanted to write it where I won't lose it. I think stay at home moms (all women, really) need a place to write and share thoughts, talents, opinions, pictures, etc. It feels like a journal, but public. A blog is an easy way to do that, that's why I blog anyway. Oh and I don't share everything bad in my life so my blog may seem "better" than my real life. If I blogged about everything in my life, it would take forever, so why not focus on the positive and interesting. Proud to be a Mormon Mommy Blogger.