Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lady Lumps

Okay I'm all about savoring memories and whatever, but have you seen/heard of/done a belly cast?!?

Is this not strange and a little creepy to anyone else?  I mean, really.  I'm a supporter of fine art and all, but this is a category all its own.

However, I did find this one on flickr and its sparkly ways almost had me convinced this was a good idea:
But rest assured, I'll not be casting my body parts anytime soon.

{for extra fun, look here}


Jason and Abby said...

Ya...I'm not sure I'd want my boob-ettes casted and hanging on a wall. That's a bit too much for me

Jamie said...

I'm VERY glad to hear that you wont be participating in that strange form of whatever you want to call it. hahaha!

mrsmonje said...

I know this is going to seem weird, but I have always thought belly casts were so neat. I mean I dont think people should have them hanging around their house as or anything but I will probably do one :)

vickyj said...

I wouldn't be surprised if that first one was of Demi Moore. She looked pretty good when she was pregnant and posed nude for a magazine cover. I have to admit, it is pretty shocking to open your blog spot and BAM! Naked pregnant lady. By the way, this sort of casting is very common/popular in Paris. We saw a shop there that did castings -- mostly booby castings. Very Rodin (19th century sculptor).

Mrs. Haid said...

I know that I feel disbelief that my body can look that way when pregnant and a belly cast would be proof for me! But... where would I put it? It would be creepy in the nursery. Strange in the bedroom. Stranger in the kitchen. Maybe they are just art museum pieces!