Wednesday, January 19, 2011

All Complicated and Screwy

Someone inquired of me today, "Have you felt life yet?"

I just stared dumbly trying to think about how I was supposed to answer.  

Oh, but what she really meant was, "Have you felt the baby move yet?"  Only when she asked I had forgotten I was pregnant and moreover, had yet to consider the fact that there is a life, a real life life inside.  Now that is some weirdness for your deep thinking.  Two heartbeats in one body. 

Pregnancy, for me, is one of those things that you think about before it happens and you don't really know what all the fuss is about.  Its one of those things that sounds so simple in theory and yet when you're finally ready for it, it suddenly becomes all complicated and screwy. 

And why is it that no one tells you what really happens to your body until after its too late?!?  People only talk about cravings, morning sickness, and mood swings.  What they don't tell you is your back is probably going to hurt (all the time), your nose will probably always be stuffy, you will probably have terrible heartburn, your dreams will probably become psychotic/psychedelic, and you might possibly grow hair in places you did not ever wish to have hair.  Not to mention the laundry list of other unpleasant, uncomfortable, and relatively unmentioned pregnancy symptoms that come with the job.

Okay but back to the question.  Yes, I have felt "life."  There are sometimes subtle movings and twitchings that are strange and different and altogether wonderfully exciting!  But in between those times of flutterings, I have to wonder, is this for real??

To make things seem more real, I do what every girl does best: shop!  What better way to plan for Baby than to spend Internet time searching for the perfect classy diaper bag?  Or a high rated bottle warmer?  Moses basket, anyone?  I must confess, it is all too terribly exciting!  (Seriously, Moses basket, I want you)

I am just thankful we ditched the cable (again) so I am no longer tempted to watch TLC's A Baby Story or Bringing Home Baby which inevitably freak me out.  And then make me cry.

But I guess that comes with the territory.


Jason and Abby said...

I'm still callin' it "The Bean"

Derek and Jen said...

Both times I was pregnant I would watch that horrible Baby Story...which I NEVER watch at any other time I'm happy to say! I cried literally every time the baby was born. The ironic part? I didn't cry when either of my own babies was born!

PS - If you want me to warn you about nursing, let me know! It's a real "fun" experience that everyone says you'll love... Everyone is nuts. :)

vickyj said...

You seriously want a Moses basket? I just gave Grandma Hale's to DI. I couldn't imagine you wanting it, so I didn't ask. Too late now. I really can't imagine why you would want one, though.

And do you want to share with Jen what you already know about nursing? I've tried to be open and honest about pregnancy things. I would not have told you some of those because I never experienced them.

And crying is good. It should serve to clear out stuffiness once the dam breaks.


Kara said...

ok--WHEN DID I MISS OUT?????? I had no idea you were pregnant! AHHHHH I am so stinkin excited for you! Omg. I thought I kept on your anyways, Congrats! And I agree no one tells you the little details. No one tells you the horrors of delivery and the recovery. If you want to know I will prepare you ! :-)

Mrs. Haid said...

I got a moses basket! From Target, actually, and it was great! We used it for a month with the baby in our room, then another month with the baby in the basket in his crib. We used it for four months or longer when traveling. It was nice, but I think I actually just bought it because it was so cute and I nested by online shopping!!