Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hello Goodbye

Oh Second Trimester, how nice of you welcome me with tears of nonsense.

I always love it when I cry about nothing. {insert sarcasm}

The problem is, you see, I had to do that thing that I hate so much this weekend and I had to do it twice: fly.  Yes, yes, I do hate to fly.  It's not a downright phobia, but there are times when I am trapped in that cylinder with a hundred strangers careening through the sky miles above earth when I feel like I might just explode if I don't get off right this minute.  But of course I cannot get off right this minute and so I reassure myself with a combination of Marie Claire and my own meditation chant of sorts: "Everything's going to be fine, everything's going to be fine, everything...."  

Which reminds me, where did yoga ever go from my life?  We used to be so close.

{But did anyone else read the issue with the Amy Adams interview?  I kind of love her}

So now I'm eating eggs and toast with chocolate milk while my darlingest husband is grocery shopping.  Grocery shopping!  He's doing the grocery shopping!  I mean, do I have any duties left around here anymore?  I have been transformed into a baby incubator and that's about it.  Also, I sometimes work full time during the week and perhaps fly to Colorado for work every so often.

And then I get tired.  Really, really tired.  Too tired to fix dinner.  And then I cry.

So now I need a nap.

The End.


Anonymous said...

If anyone asks what you've been up to (and you think to yourself that you could have been more productive, though nobody else needs to know) you respond: "Growing a baby!" It works every time.

vickyj said...

How did you get to be our daughter and so fearful of flying? I'm so sorry that flying is so unpleasant for you. I am glad you are home safe. Enjoy the incubation time, and Kyle doing the shopping -- if he is buying what you want to eat, that is. I think it's great that he likes to do that. Hopefully you slept well, and you are happy to be back to your full-time job.