Thursday, December 16, 2010

I thought it had been laid to rest....

I don't know for sure, but this might be right up there with reusing sandwich bags

1.  Kyle removes a glass from the cupboard
2.  Kyle fills the glass with water
3.  Kyle drinks the water
4.  Kyle returns the glass to the cupboard
5.  I roll my eyes in disgust


I caught him doing this about a year ago and I thought it had been laid to rest.  Not so.  Just last night I watched as he got himself a drink of water and put the glass back in the cupboard.  Here is his reasoning:

1.  He is the one who is going to drink out of it again
2.  It's just water
3.  He is "germ free"
4.  "It's not like a guest is going to open the cupboard and drink out of this little glass."
5. He just did the dishes

Tell me, am I wrong to think this is disgusting?  I mean, I would rather him drink out of the faucet. Or, better yet, he could use his water bottle that is full of ice cold water just sitting in the fridge door waiting for him to use. Or Maybe I need to assign a cupboard and dishes for only him to use.


vickyj said...

Oh, dear. Maybe we'll bring a case of bottled water with us.

Suzi Q said...

Oh no. Kyle and I are so much alike it's very odd. I don't do that, but if I use a measuring cup for water, I put it right back. I am the one that does the dishes around here, so it's my choice :) Sorry dear friend of mine.

It Started With a Wink said...

yep not drinking out of your glasses;-)

Jenny said...

Ah, memories. After we were engaged I realized that Brad would make a peanut butter sandwich and PUT THE KNIFE INTO A CUPBOARD WITHOUT WASHING IT. That has stopped. But we both reuse sandwich bags.

bequi said...

Anthony used to do that, and I asked him to put the glass on top of the fridge so no one would accidentally drink out of it. Because I agree it's a waste of time to wash a water glass every time you use it. Don't you think that's a good compromise?

Of course, I throw my tissues into the toilet so I won't waste garbage can space, but I don't flush them until I use the toilet so I won't waste water. If it was up to me, we'd probably only flush for twosies.

Jenn and Mike said...

Totally makes me laugh! I am so lucky my hubby did not have any of those weird hangups... and I don't think measuring cups and water count... no one put their mouth to it. But oh my! that is definitely a new one. Old habits die hard!