Monday, November 29, 2010

Ungraceful Mess

The fact that I could hardly get my car out of the driveway should have been a sign that today might have been a very good day to wear boots. Instead, I picked a pair of heels and trudged to my bus stop of glory only to get out and "run" for the bus in thigh-deep snow drifts. At that point I also realized that today would have been a good day to wear tights or leggings instead of the obligatory nylons. Let me tell you, I was an ungraceful mess this morning and my feet are still wet.

Here's hoping the sun comes out long enough to melt my car from it's snow cave so I can actually get home later today.

But isn't commuting so great?


Jamie said...

I was showing Justin the agrument about TV in the bedroom or not last night and we truely enjoyed ourselves on your behalf. WE miss you guys!! Just know I read you blog all the time and it makes me smile. ESPECIALLY when I'm not the one digging their car out of snow ;o)

Jason and Abby said...

Oooh Poor feet and legs. You're a trooper!