Friday, October 29, 2010

One Day You're In...

one of the few surviving pictures from college--thanks mel, i stole it from your facebook!

I have decided that watching Project Runway is good for my soul. 
I propose two reasons to support this theory:

1. Watching the models get all dressed up actually inspires me to put on makeup for work and other such drudgeries of life.  The use of Garnier's hair products reminds me of how good their hairspray smells and maybe I should try it out again?  I mean, if the "pros" are using it, it certainly must be good enough for my pathetic baby fine hair.  And then also maybe I will try blow drying my hair in the mornings.  You know, and not be so lazy.

2.  I feel inspired to sew.  Again.  My poor sewing machine is all too often neglected in my crazy life of this and that.  I sometimes forget that I actually went to school to SEW for 4 years.  And then I remember how when I started design school, I did not expect to be sewing and what an odd coincidence it was that I actually liked to sew anyway and so it was a nice surprise.  But I mean really, what was I thinking?  Design school without sewing?  Oh my gosh I was so dumb.  It's a wonder I ever graduated.  But I digress.  I do love to sew.  I do love to design.  And I do love Project Runway. 

And back to Project Runway, I'm watching the finale on DVR so don't tell me who wins, ok? I still need to catch up.  Oh, I mean I WAS watching the finale before Kyle reclaimed the TV to watch sports.  Figures.  Marriage is all about compromise, you know.

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