Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's Like Some Crazy Voodoo or Something

I have a thing or two to say about football.  You see, this thing happened last night and it was so out of character for me and so strange that I have nothing else to wonder but there was a full moon out and the stars aligned and perhaps maybe somewhere in the deep south there is an old fashioned fortune teller gazing into her magical ball and forcing me to enjoy watching football.  Because that is what happened.  And I can hardly believe it.

We spent our Saturday night watching football (thanks, DVR) and I LIKED IT.  Really, I did.  I had so much fun screaming at the TV with my sports fanatic husband that I think somewhere in the night I thought we were on a date or something.  But really we were just watching football, the sports freak and wife, until the late-ish hours of a Saturday night.  This is how I know that I am married, because I'm pretty sure this kind of thing never happened when I was single.  Not ever.

And in case you were wondering, the answer is yes.  Yes, we are also watching football at this very moment.  And then very soon there will be Monday Night Football and it will feel all very much the same. 

I feel like I've joined the "cool club" of those people who talk all about sports and their athlete stars.  These days I (usually) know when to cheer, why we are cheering, and who to cheer for.  Although sometimes I'm actually cheering for the fact that I knew what happened, not so much for the play itself.  While everyone else is screaming, "Alright, we got an interception!"  I'm really saying, "I understand what happened!  That guy intercepted the pass!  I'm so smart!!  Yay for me!!!"  But whatever.  I'm happy, Kyle is happy, and the Boise Staet Broncos are currently ranked number 3.

Yay for me!

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Suzi Q said...

See I like it when you are around because I can pretend to hate the games. I don't mind them at all, and once in a while I get into them. BUT I don't LOVE football, we are just friends.