Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Adopt an Accessory!

My sewing room is no space for sewing these days.  It is, instead, crammed floor to ceiling with handbags, hats, watches, leggings (oh the leggings!) and a variety of other accessories just waiting for the boutique shows to begin so they can be free of their blue-walled prison.  My sewing machine is currently stored under the table, lonely and out of sight, just to make room for more accessories. 

If you are/will be in Utah in the next month or two, please come to one of my shows and give these darling accessories a new home. Adopt-an-accessory!  Give a handbag a home!  It needs to be wild and free, not hiding in my blue-walled sewing room. 

You can see some of my inventory here but I have three shipments coming this week that won't make it on the website so you really should come to one of the shows to see all of the goodness.  And besides that, I just made some really fantastic display pieces for my booth.  Hint: sequins and lace! 
So come!

Upcoming shows:

Blooms & Ruffles Boutique

Cottonwood Heights Holiday Boutique

November 12th & 13th, 2010

10am – 7pm
Ages 10 and up $2

Children's Activity Area FREE

Riverwoods Conference Center

615 South Riverwoods Parkway
Logan, Utah 84341

Sweet Tweets Boutique


Laurie said...

I want to adopt something, but I live in Nevada!

ashley said...

you better believe i'm gonna drag devin down to utah so i can see one of your shows!!! how exciting kourt!!! you will be great!!! how fun :)

Kourtney said...

Laurie, I ship! :)

Ashley, I'll just bring the show to you!