Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"You say shark I say hey man"

The weather is cooler and the grasshoppers have disappeared which means it's time to go ride bikes!  Kyle had been saving his pennies for a new bike so now we can take long, romantic bike rides in the country. 

(But not before he made me buy a new helmet)  (Safety first, you know)

However, our first long, romantic bike ride together did not turn out quite so long.  Or romantic.  You see, Kyle rode his new bike home and I met him halfway on my bike.  Only, by the time I got to him my tires were flat and his handlebars were so loose they were falling off.  And our ride off into the sunset turned into a race to get home before Kyle lost his handlebars which left me far behind in all my flat-tire glory.

Very unromantic.

But do you know what is very romantic?

Workin' hard for the money.
In a pickle suit.
I love the man inside that suit.

Bonus points if you know what the title is from!


Anna said...

Bicycle Race by Queen?

Kim said...

Hooray for bikes and Queen and pickles! Your blog is hilarious and I love it!