Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Is there any cure for sore butt bones?

For as much as I complain about cyclists on the road, I am embarrassed to admit that I have become one of "them."  Pretty much this summer-turned-fall weather is perfect for bike riding and I am loving it.  My butt, however, is not so much loving it.  Tell me, is there any cure for the sore butt bones that bike riding causes? 

This time I ventured farther down the nearby trail than I ever had before.  It was adventurous and lovely.  The late afternoon sun warmed the breeze along the river, my senses filled with the smells of animals past and present, my awareness heightened by the constant leaping of grasshoppers into my face (have I mentioned how much I hate them?)  (I only screamed once when one landed on my sunglasses, but no one was around to notice anyway)

I waved hello to the old gray mare in the sunflower field and offered evening salutations to the cow along the trail.  Bike riding is a good time for thinking and contemplating the more delicate things in life:

Could my butt bones ever possibly recover from all this bike riding? 
This time last year I was in the last few weeks of planning our wedding! 
Why did I ever think it was a good idea to date that loser guy?
And that other loser guy?
I'm so glad to be done with dating. 
Marriage is so great, especially when Boise State wins important games.
Is anyone going to buy all these leggings I just ordered?
I'm not even going to make dinner tonight.
I love the camera inside my phone.

I returned home after an hour of sensory exploration to find that flies had reproduced in my kitchen.  Is there anything more disgusting than a kitchen full of flies?  I think not.  Well, only maybe when fly guts are smeared across the kitchen window.


Jen said...

You can get the padded bike shorts which I debated on getting when I was doing lots of spin classes. Seriously, why can't they just put some more padding in the cushions?

Oh, I'm still curious about those amazing sheets...will you share your secret?? :)

Kourtney said...

Oooh yes!! I forgot, I'm so sorry! They're $75 and come in like 7 or 8 colors. Let me know if you want some and I can order them for you! They are 1500 thread count Egyptian cotton wonderfulness :)