Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hot Pockets and a Husband-Sitter, Maybe?

Today's email from Kyle:
If you were a breakfast, you would be a HOT pocket. Will you go out with me on Friday night?

I am here to profess my devotion to my husband by telling you all that I gave him the remote promptly at 6:30 p.m. before Project Runway was even over just so he could watch the official start of the NFL season.  I even made him homemade mac and cheese to energize his bones for the "big game."  Also, I attentively listened to all his NFL player facts even when he goes on and on for a long time and I'm not sure what he is talking about anymore.  I mean really, am I good, or am I good? 

Sometimes though I think Kyle forgets I'm his wife and not his guy friend sports buddy who cares about all these little silly facts.  Does he not notice the blank stare on my face?  I have a sports stats threshold and I think he just crossed it.  Oh.  I'm typing this as he's talking and I think he just figured it out.  He just said to me, "I love to talk about sports.  I come home to my wife who will talk to me about purses, but not sports!  I need a son." 

It's true, I did talk to him about purses during the first three commercial breaks but I think I noticed him twitching so I stopped.

Poor Kyle, he needs a son to come home to who will listen to all his sports talk.  I want to remind him that even if we have a son sometime in the not too distant future, it will be several years before he can talk sports with him.  But maybe we'll have one of those child prodigies who learns to talk when he's a year old.  And then he'll be throwing touchdowns by age three.  Is there a gene for that, I wonder?

I think what would be a good idea is to have a husband-sitter.  You know, just a guy who loves sports who will come and sit on our couch and watch sports with Kyle all evening long and have coherent conversations about their fantasy teams.  And NCAA regulations.  And Brett Favre's commitment issues.  And other some such things. 

But until that day, I will continue to listen attentively to all Kyle's NFL player facts and other sports jargon because I love him and he listens to me talk about purses and he may have called me a hot pocket today.  Also, he's just so fun when he's excited like unto a child, even if it is about things like football.


The Powells said...

Dude you can send your hubby to my house, I have a hubbysitter, its his best friend, he comes over like 2-4 times a week, they watch games, play games, talk sports. It works out well. :)

The Lloyds said...

Randy can come hubby-sit Kyle and we can go shop for purses or do some other girly thing! Call me next time you want to get away!