Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Of Freckles and Frozen Yogurt

photo by me
I think I might be part sun-worshipper.
Do you suppose that could be considered a race?
I didn't see it on the census.

At any rate, I do love the sun.  I'm sad to say that I had forgotten how much I loved the sun until my afternoon walk in the park today.  It was here that I enjoyed my deliciously nonfat frozen yogurt and watched sweaty joggers and chubby babies and was startled by a curiously adorable three legged dog. 

It is here that I must mention that a good frozen yogurt and some time in the sun can cure just about any kind of mediocre Wednesday.  Especially when the yogurt is nonfat, the sun is not too hot and the breeze is not too breezy.  Today was one of those kinds of days. 

Furthermore, the sun brings me freckles and how I do love my freckles!
I probably should not love them, but I do.
I love my freckles because they only come around this time of year.
I love them because their presence means I've been spending time in the sun.
I love them because they are the closest I ever get to being tan.

My reacquainting with the sun reminded me that it is summer for Pete's sake and I have not yet done any of the following:

Basked in the sun poolside
Received any amount of sunburn
Ran through sprinklers
 Made good use of Hawaiian Tropic
Shaved above my knees

These things must be remedied post haste.


Gordita said...

Ever since I was a kid, and even to this day, I wished I had freckles. I think they are adorable. And I want to be adorable. So I'm happy that you're happy with your freckles. And frozen yogurt.

Suzi Q said...

I get freckles too!!! What a shock. I get a lot more now that I am not working full time inside. So you have something to look forward too.