Thursday, June 3, 2010

Of Hovercrafts and Almond Skins

I just knew for sure that by now we would be driving around in hovercrafts or whatever it is that we call those cars that fly around like in The Jetsons.  So now it is two thousand ten and where are the hovercrafts, I wonder? 

But then I got to thinking, as I so often do, and I thought to myself that it would just be much too much work for us to switch from regular old cars over to hovercrafts because honestly, the DMV would need to totally change it's ways and we know how it is with government agencies and change.  And also how would you enforce traffic laws at that point?  How would our parking lots adapt?  And wouldn't it pose some sort of danger to pedestrians?  It would be total chaos is what it would be. 

Also, it would be ever so much expensive I am just sure because any time we come up with some new idea the government tells us it will be nine hundred billion dollars to make it happen.  And but aren't there so many better places to spend nine hundred billion dollars?  Like education, perhaps?

So my hopes of hovercrafts may be dashed.  But while I am thinking up things, what is up with the funny looking skin on raw almonds?  I mean they are tasty and everything, but with all this technology we have these days, can't almonds please be skinless?  If you look very closely, it appears as though you are eating a small piece of tree bark.  Surely if we can't have hovercrafts, we must be able to have skinless almonds.  You know, for the sake of compromise and all. 

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Chad said...

Wouldn't it be great if they had hover almonds?! Oh man, I can taste it now.