Wednesday, February 17, 2010

'Let's Strike up a Match, Valentine!'

Well I suppose there's something to be said about Valentine's Day.  The Kyle and I spent this Valentine's Day in Boise, Idaho.  Very romantic, I know.  We went to the wedding of a friend on Saturday though, and that was actually very romantic.  One of the temple worker's names was even Sister Valentine which was a very romantic coincidence until I realized her name was not Valentine afterall.  Ballentine is very much less romantic.

In our efforts to "keep the Sabbath day holy" we celebrated the holiday Saturday night and Kyle took me to Shige for sushi!  Oh how he knows I love sushi!  And you know what?  The Kyle is really starting to like the stuff too.  I couldn't be happier.

Also very romantic: we had a double-date with Kyle's parents in the family room and watched High Crimes and ate peach cobbler.  But tell me, is there anything more romantic than a lawyer defending her murderous husband?  And Kyle offered to rub my shoulders.  Which... he didn't do, but I'm not forgetting!  You owe me, mister.

I know most people aren't really into Valentine's Day.  You are probably "one of them," aren't you?  That's ok, we can still be friends!  While I do feel that love should be celebrated more than just one day a year, I just kind of like the silliness of it all.  I think it brings back fond memories of the elementary school trading of valentines which I loved so much.  (The ones with candy were always the best) Such a lovely, nostalgic holiday I think. 

And so much more fun than that President's Day.  I mean really, does anyone actually celebrate President's Day?  Poor presidents.  Overshadowed by St. Valentine every year.

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